Dangers of Fast Food For Health

Fast food is very delicious in addition to good taste is also very fast way of presentation is also very suitable for people who are very busy and there was no time to eat. Among other fast food such as pizza, burgers, instant noodles, fried chicken and so forth. You need to know fast food is very dangerous if taken too often, because it contains high levels of salt, sugar, fat and calories are very high. Besides the usual soft drinks to accompany fast food is also very dangerous. Soda for other health effects is that it can lead to bone loss and bone growth does not make perfect.

Culture eating fast food (fast food) is now widespread among the public, especially in the state of Indonesia today. One of the reasons as already explained above, namely that it tastes good and is more practical. Before you try it, one thing you should consider is your health condition. According to a study of fast food is harmful to health, for more details you may notice the following reviews on the dangers of fast food for health.

Causes Obesity

The former can lead to obesity or overweight. In addition to obesity could also causes other diseases in the body. This is because the amount of sugar and salt are very much potential to improve weight gain or obesity. Oil and preservatives contained in the content of fast food also makes it difficult to break down body fat.

Liver damage

In addition to causing obesity, liver damage also often be said by someone often eat fast food. This is because the fast food contains a lot of sodium and evil oil makes the heart work more extra for cleaning substances that are toxic to the body. If the condition is often the case then would be disturbed liver health and can lead to liver damage.

Diabetes Type 2

Fast food is plentiful become a solution for busy people. Sugar and salt are very high in fast food but can lead to obesity and liver damage also can cause type 2 diabetes.

Lack Body Nutrition

As we know that the body is in the need to once nutrients to support health conditions. But with the frequency of eating fast food makes the nutrients in the body to be reduced because it is fast food does not contain vitamins, minerals and other substances is certainly very useful for health. Side effects of nutritional deficiencies can cause a disruption in the body’s internal organs.

Know Hazardous Materials in Instant Food

After find out about the dangers of fast food for a healthy body, you know some of the hazardous substances contained in it. Without realizing many of us often eat instant foods. In fact, as we all know instant foods are additive and are very low in nutrients. And of course these foods are very harmful to our health. To know more about the harmful ingredients in instant food or fast food, consider the following review.


Three-quarters of salt or salt that we consume every day is not derived from salt, but came from instant foods or processed foods, such as instant noodles, sauces, instant soups and more. Did you know that excess salt or sodium can lead to various diseases? As a result of excess salt can cause various health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart to stroke. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that consume maximum of 5 grams of salt a day. Therefore, we recommend that you reduce instant foods and processed plant so that the body does not excrete excess sodium.

Trans Fats

When compared with saturated fat, trans fat is extremely dangerous and is the principal cause of heart disease. This is because trans fats can raise levels of bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol (HDL) Generally, the type of fat that is contained in one cake packaging such as crackers, muffins, microwave popcorn, crackers and fast food.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

If you want to buy instant foods, make sure you check the label first composition. If there is high fructose corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup should not buy it. This is because fructose you consume can not be directly used by the body into energy source before it is converted into glucose.

And it shall come a long way and uses energy. Long-term effects of excessive fructose consumption can cause health problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, insulin problems, type 2 diabetes to liver damage.

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5 Countries With the Best Health Care System

System is an important part in improving public health. And keep in mind that the success of the health care system depends on the various components in the health service. The system is made up of subsystems (inputs, processes, outputs, impact, feedback and environment) that are interconnected and influence each other. And of countries in the world have levels of the healthcare system are different.

As for your information, below are five countries that have the best health care system in the world. The assessment criteria are based on mortality, life expectancy and also easy accessibility where healthcare is provided.

1. Switzerland

Almost all people in the State Switzerland has health insurance. For people who do not have access to private health insurance, the government subsidizes them. This prevents all individuals spend more than 10% of public revenue for health care. The magnitude of this achievement is supported by government policies. A study, Harvard identified that the Swiss government spent 11.4% of their Gross Domestic Product on health issues. This is a fairly high amount considering the size of the GDP of Switzerland divided by the total population.

2. France

In 2000, the WHO provides the first award in France in terms of providing the best health care to the community. French citizens enjoy universal health care funded through income tax.

About 75% of health costs borne by the government. Private health care facilities in the country also allow residents to receive a surgical procedure at an additional cost. This facility is optional and is intended for those who have money. Prices set by private physicians has been set by the government. And Overall there are 3.37 doctors per 1000 people.

3. Italy

Italy has one of the public-privatized health system best. Based on life expectancy and infant mortality, the country is quite healthy. The average French man and woman live to about 80 years. In addition, health insurance must be owned by citizens of Italy.

Employers are required to pay for health insurance for their employees. If someone does not have access to privatized health care, they can apply for a health management plan by the state. All medical care, including drugs, outpatient care even for dental care, subsidized by the state.

4. Sweden

in Sweden All residents have the same access and rights to health care. The system is funded by taxpayers and decentralized. it was able to remind the life expectancy of up to 79 years for men and 83 years for women in 2008. The responsibility of the health care system lies in the federal government, county councils and municipalities. And if there is a sick employee to not work, the employer will pay wages for up to 14 days.

5. Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the few Asian countries that have the best health care system. In 1995, it implemented universal health care. All citizens are covered by insurance, paid by the government. The country was able to cut costs while still covering 40% of the population when it was first introduced reforms. They also apply Smart Card, which requires all information about a patient’s medical history. It will certainly ease the administrative work.

6. Germany

Germany has the oldest universal health care system in the world, since 1883. At first, the health system is applied to low-income families and certain employees, but is now offered to virtually all residents. Servants and the Self Employed and earn more than 3000 euros are excluded from coverage. They are also still welcome to take advantage of private health insurance. and in a study in 2004, Germany was ranked # 30 in life expectancy.

7. Norway

Everyone who lives in Norway can use the healthcare system funded by taxpayers’ money. Norwegian residents can also use the insurance from the private sector. Health system used in Norway also lets patients see a list of government doctors to choose from.

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5 Health Problems of Developing Countries

As we have seen before that developing countries are not the whole country that its people enjoy a decent living standard. So, indirectly also result in health problems. People in developing countries have not been able to reach access to proper health. As with the developed countries. Even in some places very difficult to find it. Various problems such as lack of awareness of hygiene, self-care, health check, health care, and lack of hospital is one example of health problems in developing countries.

Because the condition of the country that is still developing, of course the number of hospitals is still less than the size of the country and the population in the country. Contributing factor is the lack of funds, lack of medical personnel, and lack of public knowledge about the importance of the hospital.

Because knowledge of public health in most developing countries is still lacking, so they never maintain their health. They do not understand the benefits of environmental hygiene so that they are always littering. They are also too familiar with how to use natural remedies or ways of handling an illness such as cough, flu, etc.

Infant and child mortality rates are also higher in developing countries. This is caused by the handling of pregnant women who are less precise, less availability of immunization, lack of nutrition in young children, or because of diarrhea. The lack of hospitals and access to hospitals who are often the cause.

Education uneven also be the beginning of a health problem in developing countries. Less education resulting in a lack of medical personnel. Moreover, coupled with an entrance fee of medicine was very expensive.

Urban areas in developing countries are generally seedy, lots of dust, a lot of smoke in motor vehicles, and a lot of garbage. This is due to public awareness of environmental hygiene is lacking and also because of poverty. This is what causes many urban communities affected by respiratory disease and diarrhea.

Thus, the health problems of developing countries are as follows:

  • Lack of hospital
  • Lack of medical workers
  • Lack of public awareness of environmental hygiene
  • The lack of mass transportation so that each person uses a motor vehicle
  • Many slums
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5 foods that must be consumed with heart disease

The following are the types of healthy snacks that you can consume if you suffer from heart disease, for a healthy you can also consume them.


Oats are one of the many refined grain consumed to maintain heart health. Oats are used to lower cholesterol levels in the body, and can maintain the health of your heart. Oats are also rich in healthy fats, high fatty acid that can keep even the bad cholesterol in your body.

Therefore, oat trustworthy and recommended consumed every day. The morning meal as your breakfast menu, then once you have an active role to maintain the health of your heart. One again, immediately to add oats into your breakfast menu for today, tomorrow and beyond.


Wheat is a food consumed by those who have problems in heart, for it is processed breads made from wheat fiber is good given to those who have heart disease. You can combine them with fresh vegetables and fruit to add vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed by the body.

You can make a sandwich diced – small for your healthy snack menu every day, with the use of fiber processed wheat bread. Stuffing for a sandwich you can add ingredients such as spinach leaves, tomato, cucumber, and onion to add nutrients required by the body.


Sprouts contain that can balance the content or level of cholesterol in the body, so as to maintain the health of your heart. Consuming one cup sprouts plus other food ingredients such as onions, tomatoes and other vegetables can be a healthy snack to be consuming each day. Add bean sprouts on salads can be a healthy alternative that you can take.


Mixing fruit with yogurt could be one of the alternatives that you can do to make a healthy snack, in addition to taste fresh, mixed fruit and yogurt can also make you re-energized.

Mixture of both has a low content of weak and has a high antioxidant content, which is certainly good for maintaining heart health. Not only has the content that serves to maintain cardiovascular health, but it is also good foodstuffs used for dieting as well as anti aging.


Healthy soups can you eat as a snack day – day. You can use a food that is certainly good for your heart health, for example, just spinach, tomatoes that have a high antioxidant content. Although classified as a snack, but the soup can make you be satisfied.


The world known health alternative medicine with acupuncture, the treatment of which is centered on the energy balance. Science is credible since hundreds – hundreds of years or even thousands of years ago. In China, more and more people are treated with this method than with medical treatment.

By keeping the energy balance, the body will work normally. Then surely increase the body’s immunity and disease caused by bacteria or viruses will not be able to attack. In the case of heart disease, there is some blockage that occurs in the body. 

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This is the best food for a Healthy Stomach

The stomach is one of the most important organ of the human body and are also very susceptible to infections and health complications. The stomach is the center of the digestive system, perform a variety of functions to maintain overall body health.

Facts prove, there are two ways to keep your stomach in a formation exercise and diet. Here, however, the discussion focuses on food to keep your stomach to stay healthy. There are certain foods that can nourish the stomach. Food for the health of your stomach is equipped with some of the vitamins and nutrients, all of which help clean the stomach and improving digestion in the body.

So what are the 10 foods that are good for the health of your stomach, Here’s his review.

  1. Yogurt
    There are billions of bacteria in your stomach which helps in the digestion process. Yogurt in particular has some healthy bacteria that aid in digestion, besides maintaining an abdominal infection at bay.

  2. Red Meat
    Red meat or lean meat is good, because the low fat content in it. They contain no cholesterol and are very low in saturated fat. Red meat is high in fat is associated with an increased risk of colon cancer in older men.

  3. Bananas
    Banana is one of the healthy fruits in the world. Bananas can help healthy bowel movements and also promote overall digestive health. It should be noted that the health benefits of bananas are not only limited to the digestive system. Bananas are associated with a number of remarkable health benefits.

  4. Oranges
    Oranges are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, both of which are excellent components for the stomach. Vitamin C also helps strengthen the immune system.

  5. Quinoa
    Quinoa is rich in some amino acid that helps to maintain a healthy stomach regularly included quinoa in your diet can bring some health benefits.

  6. Lemon
    Lemons contain a water-soluble acid which is a wonderful proposition for a healthy digestive Lemon particular helps to cleanse the digestive system as a whole.

  7. Ginger
    Ginger is one of the best food for digestion. It has been used since ancient times to treat some stomach problems in humans.

  8. Paprika
    Paprika is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, peppers are vegetables that are good for your stomach. The concentration of phytonutrient-rich make some stomach infection.

  9. Green Vegetables
    Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale contain plenty of zinc, vitamins and antioxidants. If you increase green leafy vegetables are part of your diet, you are sure to have a healthy digestive system for a long time to come.

  10. Wheat and Grains
    Wheat and Grains is the best food for digestion, because it contains manganese, selenium and rich in fiber. Everything element is very important for the health of your stomach.
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How to Shrink Calves and Thighs Naturally

  • Avoid Excess Burden on Heel

The heel is the foot that often run into problems when you lift or carry heavy loads. Although its influence is very small, the more often you are carrying a heavy load, the greater the chance you have large calves.

  • Pilates

Pilates is one of the many sports are recommended to minimize the calf. Involving stretching and strengthening the calf muscles, making the body more ideal, how to shrink rapidly calf is highly recommended for those who want a beautiful calf and a healthy body.

Application of this method was not so difficult. Therefore, in order to do so, you has only to perform simple and easy movement.

How to Shrink Calves and Thighs with Pilates Sports:

  1. Lay down your body on the floor if you can use the mat.
  2. Once your back, stretch your arms right next to the body and then gently pull the breath.
  3. Lift up one of your legs until it looks like a 90 degree angle coupled exhale.
  4. Lower slowly back while pulling a deep breath.
  5. Repeat this five times to turn down the calf and thigh.
  6. Before starting a back rest for 1 minute.
  • Expand Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular covers some light exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking, and some other sports that involve resistance and the use of leg and calf in the implementation.

There’s got to much. If you are interested, a light workout routine origin also can do as a way to shrink the calf quickly.

  • Do Ankle Circle

Ankle circles are simple movements that aimed at discouraging and burn fat in the calf area. Application of ankle circles and not too complicated. Therefore, to implement it, you has only to do some simple ways such as the following:

Shrink calf and thigh with Ankle Circle:

  1. First of all, sit in a chair in an upright position
  2. After that lift one leg
  3. Rotate the ankle clockwise 6 rounds
  4. Then do the same way to reverse the direction of rotation
  5. Repeat the same way on the other foot
  • Using Elliptical Trainer

How to shrink this calf quickly can you make as an alternative way of replacement for walking. Relying on a similar motion, the tool is able to train quadriseps part, behind the knee that often make your calves look big.

With regular application, this method will be very effective in burning fat and shrink the calf quickly.

Those are some tips calves and thighs shrink naturally and quickly. Originally implemented well and as recommended, the results of these ways will soon see from the 21 days. It could even be less or more. Depending on the business and the implementation of a way that you do.

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5 Food Lowering High Cholesterol And Bad Fat

Cholesterol-lowering foods – Health is expensive, it is true if we are having problems with health, especially if the disease is considered dangerous attacking us certainly not least we should spend money to treat the diseases that we suffer. Various business and how to be a disease that is removed from the body so that the condition of our bodies stay healthy.

Of the many ways that we can do so we always get a healthy body and a rare disease. Sport is the best way of course, can make us healthier in comparison if we do not exercise. Of course there is another way we keep ourselves healthy, by eating the best food for our bodies. One of them is to consume foods high cholesterol and bad fats.

There is nothing wrong when every day we consume food high cholesterol-lowering foods. Naturally cholesterol-lowering foods we will discuss is a simple way how we make our bodies healthy. Certainly some cholesterol-lowering foods below it turns out most are also there which serves to reduce high blood pressure.

List of High Cholesterol Lowering Food And Bad Fat

Fruits and Vegetables

There is another high cholesterol lowering foods best for those who want to lower your cholesterol. That is by regularly consuming foods fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in high fiber that is very good for your body. It is true if fruit and vegetables are foods in which there is a very high antioxidant content and is also a high cholesterol-lowering foods.

Some examples of foods lowering high cholesterol kinds of fruits and vegetables such as let’s say guava, berry, cranberry, blackberry, apricot, blueberry, strawberry, cabbage, mango, chilli, peppers, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, mangoes and still much more cholesterol-lowering foods high fruits and vegetables more. Aside from being a high-cholesterol-lowering foods, fruits and vegetables is very good for heart health.


High cholesterol-lowering foods that next we will discuss is soy which is from the first very good for human health. But not just soy that has not been in though just as good for the body, several types of cholesterol-lowering foods such as high-suppose soy milk, tempe and tofu are also very well made as high cholesterol-lowering foods.

Food from soybean material is indeed very remarkable for the health of our bodies, just imagine the kind of food we consume 25 grams of soy protein obtained from soy protein can lower LDL by 5% to 6%, incredible is not it? Even the side dishes that we eat regular daily made from soybeans like tofu and tempe suppose that in addition to cost very good for your health.


Cholesterol-lowering foods are high on this one is one food that has long been recognized to have a good influence on the health of the human heart. High cholesterol-lowering foods we mean the garlic and the distinctive flavor of the dishes that exist in Indonesia. Almost all the dishes that exist in Indonesia, using garlic as a condiment delicious.

There are so many opinions say that it turns out garlic is a type of food that is very good for human heart and also a high cholesterol-lowering foods. For best results add the garlic into a dish salad is of course very well if at present are raw. Maybe a lot of people who do not like garlic because of the offensive smell at the moment is still on though.

Long beans

The food was very often we eat as a vegetable it turned out to have very unusual properties. Who thought that if it turns chickpea is a high-cholesterol lowering foods that are good for the body. There was a study done at Arizona State University Polytechnic stating that turned out to be half a cup of soup of beans can lower cholesterol by 8%.

Certainly the popularity of these studies make a meal long beans is getting better and more consumed by the public. High cholesterol-lowering foods that one is also very famous for very high fiber content, it makes the absorption of cholesterol in the body becomes slightly strain and is a food that keeps us lasting satiety.


Food lowering high cholesterol hereinafter certainly is a food quite popular promoted on television. This is because a lot of oatmeal produced by plants and is an instant food that is good for our bodies. Oatmeal is a food in which there is the content of soluble fiber which can reduce or filter the bad cholesterol in the body.

But not only oatmeal alone in which there soluble fiber content, but the content of soluble fiber also can be found in bananas, pie, apple, prune and red beans. Do you know the workings of this soluble fiber? Ie, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the bloodstream, …

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