All Girls Catholic High Schools

An all-girls Catholic high schools have a great track record for getting 100% of their girls into a 4-year college directly after high school. Despite the varying methods girls bully each other, there are no boys to worry about at an all-girls Catholic high school. Taking the boys away leaves more time for girls to focus on their education. There are no boys to take the attention away from the girls, or to take the teachers’ time with their masculine habits. All girls high schools leave room for a girl to express herself in a variety of ways including using creativity.

All girls schools can do well in sports as can mixed-gender schools. The all-girls Catholic school system is there to make sure that girls develop a better relationship with God besides an education. Girls have many opportunities at all-girls Catholic high schools. Attending an all-girls school can help a girl succeed during this important time in a girl’s life. All girls schools help compel a girl to succeed. In a coed environment, it is not always possible for a girl to express herself in the way she would like to because of criticism, which can border on bullying which is not that bad at an all girls catholic school washington dc.

Peer pressure has a huge impact on the way a girl goes about their lives. With an all-girls school, there is less of it causing a girl to be able to more fully handle things going on in their lives. All-girls schools lead girls to take on challenges like math and science classes. Women still find it difficult to break down the glass ceiling they run into at work, for example, as a lawyer not making partner at a law firm because they are female. Girls lack inspiring role models to continue being competitive although girl competition can get difficult.

In single-sex environments, a girl can excel if she wants to, because there are no boys turning her head or talking her out of it. An all-girls school can provide a grounding influence on girls who otherwise get flighty around too many boys. Take the boys away and find an environment where it is easier to excel. Girl’s schools might even offer more opportunities to succeed. There are no bullies around for when a girl gets a good grade. Friendships do not fall apart over fighting for boys who are trying to take advantage of young women anyway.

Single-sex environments can lead to girls feeling more self-confident when not exposed to blatant sexism in favor of the expression, boys will be boys. When you take away the boys, good things happen to girls who become better friends when they don’t have to compete for the attention of one boy who really wants to take advantage of both of them. High school boys are Neanderthals anyway and all girls schools are lacking in a Y chromosome atmosphere. All girls schools have a better reputation than co-ed environments.