How to Deal with Negative People During IES Preparation?

When you start your journey towards the preparation for the Indian Engineering Services or the IES, many hurdles may try to stop you from achieving what you want. All you need is to stay focused. One of the major hurdles, you most probably come across are the people who are a bunch of pessimism. The negative mindsets that always tend to disappoint and discourage you. Intentionally or unintentionally they have the potential of filling yourself with complete discouragement and dismay.

How to deal with negative people during IES preparation?

Here is one of the most successful tried and tested methods that will help you to get over such people easily without harming your study schedule:

  1. Make good friends

A spark of light always has the potential to clear off the darkness around. Similarly, a good bunch of optimistic people can help you keep away from the pessimism. Next time any negative words try to hinder your path, all you need is to go to your positive friend circle and relate them the incident. Their positive vibes will definitely bring you out from the slumber of darkness the pessimists have led you into. Also, keeping a good, positive company will bring positive thoughts about everything to you. They will leave no stone unturned to keep you encouraged and motivated towards your preparation.

  1. Keep consulting yourself

To achieve what YOU want, you need to trust YOUR vibes. So, every time something discouraging happens, you need to remind yourself that you have to go through it and emerge victorious, that it is your sole aim and nobody can snatch it away from you. You need to believe that  you are the biggest strength of yourself which will drive you out of anything which hinders your path. You need to believe that you need to keep going on, irrespective of whatever is being spoken or speculated by others around.

  1. Ignorance is the key

No power can be greater than your ignoring power once you decide. So, just try to ignore whatever negative is being spread around by those people. You are given two ears in order to listen from one and get the rubbish out from the other. You don’t need to bother about whatever is happening except yourself and your IES exam.

  1. The Yoga power

Yoga can help you feel strong, concentrated and focused even when it is too hard to focus. It is necessary to develop a habit of doing Yoga for at least 30 minutes per day. This will keep you away from any negative vibe and will strengthen your willpower for the exam. Let the world be aside, make your own, calm world possible with the yoga power. Don’t let the devil play its game, do YOGA.

  1. Stay focused and determined

Here lies the game plan- once you are focused and determined towards the exam, nothing can trouble you enough to distract you from the exam preparation. So, make the schedule and stick to it. No matter what happens, just do what you intended to. Make up the plan and go through it. Never excuse yourself for any irrelevant factor.

  1. Trust positive vibes

Trust the good and positive things which are on your way; you don’t need to hover only over the negative parts, see the positives and focus on them. Give the positive vibes the impetus they deserve.  Assure yourself that you will succeed at any cost. Make good decisions and stay on them. All is good that is intended well, so never forget this.

  1. Keep yourself calm

There are people who grab hold of a negative point and continue proving themselves absolutely correct on that point. You do not need to waste your time arguing with such people and hyper yourself. This may be disadvantageous to your preparation. Take a deep breath and forget everything that is irrelevant and unnecessary to your studies. By arguing you will gain absolutely nothing.

Negative people tend to decrease your efficiency and lessen your willpower. Don’t let them overcome your determination for the exam and emerge victoriously. The air of pessimism may lead you broken and destructed, just trust the positive vibes and deal with those people in the most astounding manner.