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Philosophy of education is the philosophical examine of education, often understood as a discipline of utilized philosophy that draws from established branches of philosophy in epistemology, ethics, axiology, and politics to lift and address questions of educational goals, methods, and issues, and of educational coverage, pedagogy, and curriculum. D.J. ‘Connor printed An Introduction to Philosophy of Education (1957) by which, amongst different issues, he argued that the word concept” as it’s utilized in educational contexts is merely a courtesy title, for educational theories are nothing like what bear this title in the pure sciences.

Unusually for his time, Montaigne was prepared to query the standard wisdom of the period, calling into question the entire edifice of the educational system, and the implicit assumption that university-educated philosophers have been essentially wiser than uneducated farm staff, for instance.

These collections cope with the character and theory of the philosophy of education ( Archambault 1972 , Lucas 1969 ) or present important and helpful handbooks of philosophy of education ( Siegel 2009 ; Bailey, et al. 2010 ; Blake, et al. 2003 ). In the two anthologies included in this section, authentic texts of key thinkers are included ( Curren 2007 , Cahn 2009 ), while Cahn 2009 follows every authentic text with an interpretative essay.

Main philosophers in the Early Fashionable period included Francis Bacon and John Locke, who pioneered British empiricism, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and such thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment as David Hume, who both wrote particular texts or made occasional observations on education.

Waldorf education (often known as Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf education) is a humanistic approach to pedagogy primarily based upon the educational philosophy of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founding father of anthroposophy Studying is interdisciplinary, integrating sensible, artistic, and conceptual elements.