Empty Nesters: Find New Purpose by Becoming Foster Parents

The children are adults now and the house has never been quieter. Empty Nesters spend years raising their children with tender loving care with the goal of preparing them to become independent adults that thrive in the world. This is no simple task and it is all-encompassing. After the last child moves out of the house it can cause a sudden shift in activity. Once always busy with children’s activities then changing to a remarkably free schedule is difficult. The free time can be fun at first but soon empty nesters feel lonely. There is no reason to accept loneliness. There are countless children in the foster care system that need a safe loving home. Empty nesters can help foster children while the children also help them to fill a void.

Getting Started

Foster parents are required to get training and licensing before they begin in-home care. There are local and regional programs available. A foster care training process independence oh educates adults on a wide variety of helpful topics. They discuss personal care, boundaries, discipline, and emotional transition just to name a few. Typically, this training is done over the course of several months. Once state certified people can get a foster assignment immediately.

Making Adjustments

The first-time people welcome a foster child into their home is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Both the adults and the children do not know each other or what to expect. To ease this transition for everyone take it slow and don’t expect a lot at the beginning. Foster parents often find that a welcoming tour, a quick rundown of the rules, and then allowing the child to explore their new space are very helpful first steps.

Grow a Friendship

Over time everyone will get into a routine and get to know each other. Introduce the foster child to adult children and any other relatives. This helps them to feel welcomed and included while also setting a positive example for adult children. More than anything foster children want someone just to be there for them in everyday moments like going to school, sporting events, and casual moments at home. Of course, fun outings together can help with the bonding process. No matter how long a child is in with a family the experience should be welcoming. There can be many children that come and go during the course of the time spent fostering but each of those lives can be left with a positive impression and many fond memories.

Empty Nesters often feel a bit lost without their children at home. Opening up the family to foster children can truly become a new purpose that undoubtedly benefits others. These children come from all different types of backgrounds, but they all have one major thing in common- they need a stable, loving home. Fostering is such a rewarding experience for everyone. It allows experienced parents to help young people on their journey through guidance and stability.