Excellence in Teaching: Observation and Feedback

When it comes to having success as a teacher it is often useful to have a working knowledge of the current trends and methods that are successful. Let’s take a look at just how receiving feedback and creating documents to help the teaching process are proving vital today.

One of the first things to notice of trends that are going on in your particular institution whether it be in a middle school classroom or a university classroom. Having access to such knowledge will allow you to make adjustments that will increase the success of your students and the effectiveness of your teaching methods. Teacher observation is one way of helping this issue. Weaknesses and strengths are often identified by comparison and it is only with comparisons that we are able to see what areas we need to improve upon and may change. But simply being able to identify trends can only come from having information at the ready that was recorded and tracked. Recent research has shown that one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of being a teacher is by evaluating one’s own practice. This is very necessary when it comes to having success as a teacher.

There is increasing attention being paid to student-based measures of teachers’ performance. Primarily this is increasing because this is allowing the teacher to receive valuable information first-hand from those listening to the very instructions being given. With such information and analysis being given by the students, the teacher can make corrections or adjustments when necessary in order to provide a more satisfactory experience for all involved. Having the student get involved allows for true classroom interaction. This is one way that can help the teacher become successful as well as expanding their innovative creations with the classroom itself. More often than not the student will have thoughts about various ways they would like to see the class and proved or even the ways lessons are presented. Most often those very same students remain quiet because anonymity is the rule of the day. So, having a way to observe and receive observations from students this way will create success in any teaching environment.

With all the information being given there must be a form to put such information on this is where the ingenuity of the teacher comes into play. Because the teacher is able to create a form that will provide the best feedback from the student, this will allow him or her to pose questions in a way that will provide the best feedback possible. Some forms design what even have a section for comments that allows the student to freestyle. This allows true expression.

In short, the best way to assist the teacher in making the mot his or her methods to get the students involved in a way that will help the lessons given with opinions and another way is to research the common trends in the industry today. Excellence in teaching comes from having observation and feedback.