Helping Teachers Succeed at Teaching

Have you ever wondered what kind of teaching style your child encounters? Or the type of person your child’s teacher is and how they interact with your child on a daily basis, five days out of the week? Your child’s teacher is one of the most influential person involved in your child’s life, since they spend a lot of time with your child. Your child’s teacher plays a huge role in your child’s life and the outcome of their education. In fact, according to, Credit Donkey, a study that was conducted in Texas found that teachers are twenty times more likely to improve students’ performance on tests than any other factors in their lives. Teachers play a huge role in the overall success of your child’s current and future education; therefore, it is imperative that we all want to do whatever we can do to help our teachers in the school system with whatever it is they need to help our children; whether it is supplies, more training, more education etc., parents need to assist with helping teachers succeed for the well-being of their own children.

Some parents are not open to the idea of helping schools help their children due to financial constraints and or politics. Some parents also feel that the school should be the only one helping and paying for everything because parents already pay into taxes and believe that they have already done their part in helping society. What they fail to realize is only a small percentage of their earned income taxes are contributed to school funding. In fact, according to Ed100, about twenty-five percent of taxes paid from working taxpayers are distributed to school funding. In reality, twenty-five percent is a small number compared to all the other expenses that have to come out of that amount.

Parents should contribute whatever they can financially to the schools to be able to help the teachers give their students a better learning experience. Usually financial constraints are always one of the biggest issues as to why parents are not able to assist in this area. However, parents can consider assisting in so many other ways, other than just donating financially. Parents can assist with helping the teacher improve their teaching skills and abilities by classroom observation. If there are more opportunities for teachers to be observed and then given pointers to how they can improve, teachers are more likely to improve their teaching skills, hence students are able to access stronger learning opportunities.

It is safe to assume that every parent wants the best for their children and every teacher wants the best for their student. Teachers and parents need to come together to find ways in how they can help each other succeed. Teachers and parents share the same goal and that is to improve the education that is given to students. Lastly, another key point from this is to try to get the school to hold more meetings that involve improvement of the teacher, since it all seems to stem from the teacher.