Increase Productivity by Helping Employees Manage Their Time

Making sure employees manage their time correctly is important, but it can be challenging. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be addressed. It is the employer’s and employee’s job to take control of time. The following are a few tips that may help you improve employee time management effectively, which should boost productivity.

Address Distractions

Perhaps one of the biggest problems employees have in regard to their time is distractions. Today’s age has afforded people a lot of distractions that could eat into your company’s time, and you do not want that. One thing you can do is tell employees that smart phones are not allowed during company time because a lot of time can be wasted on these devices. You can also issue company smart devices that you can monitor to ensure they are not being used for something other than work. You can also have your Internet provider block sites that are normally used for entertainment, such as streaming services sites or social media sites.

Deal With Perfectionism

Some employees have trouble meeting deadlines because they are perfectionists. You may think this is a good thing because it ensures that a person is going to give you their very best, but it can also slow down tasks beyond what is necessary. There are times these individuals will continually work on something that is already good enough. It is important that you address this issue by identifying it and initiating a plan to help deal with the problem. What you want to do is have this employee have his or her progress checked a number of times so that he or she is stopped when the work is good enough.

Scheduling Matters

There are times when individuals have trouble with time management because they have no schedule keeping them on track. This is the reason you want to consider using an online schedule maker. Using an online calendar that all of your employees can share can make this task a lot easier and more efficient. Problems can be posted on the platform so that changes can be made to ensure that deadlines are still met. It is also easy for you to see who is under-performing so that you can see what is happening and take direct action.

Prioritize as a Team

You need to pay attention to how your employees are prioritizing tasks. Sometimes, the reason some employees are having a hard time managing their time is because they are taking on too many tasks at a time. Employees who try to do too much usually think they are being helpful but usually end up rushing work, which could result in errors. No one wants to deal with that. What you can do is make sure your employees focus on the most important tasks. Your managers need to point out the most important tasks and ensure that those are prioritized before any other work.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the steps that you can take to help employees manage their time a little better. There may be other steps that you can take, so be sure to talk to other business owners who may have additional suggestions. Try to be honest with your employees but respectful about their time management issues. Employees respond well to honesty.