Injured in a Auto Accident? Why Hiring an Attorney is the Only Smart Move to Make

Some auto accidents involve nothing more than damage to the vehicles. At other times, one or more parties sustains injuries that require medical attention. While the hope is that the matter can be handled without any complications, it pays to seek the help of a motor vehicle accident attorney as quickly as possible. Here is why having legal counsel on hand will make a difference.

Preparing the Claims

People who have never had to deal with this type of event before can feel overwhelmed. How does one go about filing a claim with the insurance company? What does it take to get a copy of the accident report? What if the injuries will require ongoing attention? An attorney knows the answers to all these questions and more. Having someone on hand who can handle the claims process one step at a time and ensure everything is in order will make it easier to worry less and focus more on getting well.

Being the Voice of the Client

There will be the need to interact with the insurance company that will receive the claim. Choosing to hire an attorney who can respond on behalf of the client is the most practical way to keep those conversations on track. Before any question is answered or any information is offered, the attorney provides counsel on what to say and when to say it. Thanks to the efforts of the legal counsel, it’s easier to provide direct and precise responses that leave no room to interpret the answers in any way other than what the client intended.

Seeking Legal Redress

If the responsible party is not open to settling the matter, that will mean filing a suit and pursuing compensation through the court. At this juncture, the services of an attorney become essential. The attorney will know how to prepare the case, ensure the proper documents are filed with the court and be prepared to make the case before a judge.

Never assume that all will go well after being injured in an auto accident. Contact the Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm today and arrange for a consultation. Once the attorney is retained, it will be easier to concentrate on recovering and less on dealing with paperwork and other complications.