Ransomware Recovery and Data Decryption

Any business with a computer infrastructure is at risk of cyber attacks. The larger the system is, the more likely an attack will occur. Many companies have been forced to report a breach of their security, resulting in losses far beyond money. If customers and business partners can’t trust a company to secure confidential data, they won’t be willing to do business with that company anymore. This could result in serious losses of future sales and business opportunities.

As computer technology advances, attacks become more powerful. Certain kinds of attacks become less common while others become more popular. Ransomware has become a more common type of attack. This kind of malicious software can be injected into the system from almost anywhere. Once the software takes hold, it encrypts files and folders. This prevents access even from authorized users and makes it impossible for a business to operate. Typically, the data is encrypted and the ransomware demands payment in order to unlock the system. Unfortunately, paying the ransom usually only results in an increased demand for payment.

Thankfully, qualified service providers are able to offer data decryption in order to allow access to important files once again. These service providers can also remove the malicious software and prevent any further attacks by adding new definitions to the security software in the computer system. These services are vital to any company that relies on their computer system to store and share files across the network. More importantly, confidential data will be safe from attack. Customers and business partners can remain confident that their banking information and confidential business information is safe.

Having a proper recovery plan in place is vital to the future of any company. Service providers are able to offer many different kinds of protection besides ransomware removal. Real-time monitoring, private cloud storage, automated backups, and data restoration are also available as parts of a comprehensive security and recovery plan. Moving sooner rather than later is best. Business owners should contact their service provider right away and ask about putting a security and recovery plan in place as soon as possible.