Roles and Responsibilities of OBIE Project Manager


Hand drawing Project Management flow chart with red marker on transparent wipe board.The benefits of landing yourself in the designation of an OBIE Project Manager are huge. In terms of growth, success, job security and job satisfaction, this designation is very ideal. There are various roles a person can execute in this role.

When it comes to OBIE Project Manager Jobs, there’s a great demand and a large number of people are filling up applications to apply for this particular job profile. Here are some of the roles that are taken up by the OBIE Project Manager:

  1. Business Analyst- The project manager has to act as an enthusiastic business analyst. He should be researching and possessing the business knowledge in all the relevant systems as well as the knowledge of reporting business and analysis of the requirements. He should also be able to define the requirements of the business that is essential for development.
  2. Data Analyst– The project manager must be able to evaluate and document all the existing data and also gather and document all the technical data as well as the business meta data. Analysis of data is an important step and it must be carried out with utmost efficiency.
  3. Metadata Administrator– The project manager is supposed to identify, document as well as administer the repository of the metadata. He is supposed to work with the business users and data modelers and gain consensus on the data information that has common attributes. He has to play an important role in the development of the data model and carry out its maintenance.
  4. ETL Developer– As an ETL Developer, the project manager must maintain as well as develop all the ETL applications and implement all the functions of data cleansing. He is also concerned with the tasks and operations of data acquisitions as well as load automation. Though the extract functions are coded and developed by the application team, the project manager is supposed to overlook and maintain it.
  5. System Administrator– As a system administrator, the project manager is responsible for maintaining the reliability of the hardware, the security level of the systems, performance and tuning of the systems as well as automation of the activities like extraction and loading. He must also make sure that the functions of the disaster recovery take place properly or not otherwise lots of sensitive data can be lost.
  6. Database Administrator– Just like the system administrator, the project manager is also the administrator of the databases. Thus, he will enjoy the privilege to access and alter the database as per the requirements of the company. He is supposed to manage the database and make sure that all the clients are receiving and enjoying the desired database services.