Separating Your Resume from the Pack

To say professional recruiters review a massive numbers of resumes would be an understatement. Each day, the recruiters employed by big-name companies review hundreds – if not thousands – of resumes from hopeful applicants. With so many CVs to look over, it’s hardly surprising that corporate recruiters don’t have a lot of time to devote to individual resumes. For this reason, it’s imperative that jobseekers take steps to separate their resumes from the pack by working to grab the attention of recruiters. In the quest to make your resume stand out, the following pointers are sure to prove invaluable.

Tailor Your Resume for the Position

Before applying for a position, take some time to tweak your resume. This entails highlighting past jobs, job duties and professional accomplishments that pertain directly to the position for which you’re applying. In addition, take care to highlight any educational experience or academic achievements that tie into this particular job or industry, especially if you have an impressive alma mater like Relevant skills and experience are among the first things recruiters look for, so make every effort to emphasize them.

Write a Brief But Effective Header

On average, corporate recruiters spend less than a minute on initial read-throughs, so it’s important to grab their attention right off the bat. One way to do this is composing a brief but effective header at the top of your resume. This header should be no more than a few sentences and succinctly explain who you are, what you hope to accomplish professionally and why you are uniquely qualified for this position. If you’ve never composed a resume header, it may be a good idea to consult one of the many informative online tutorials on the subject.

Stay on Point

Since recruiters don’t have a lot of time to spend looking over your resume, it behooves you to stay on point when drafting your CV. This means not discussing your hobbies, political views or other aspects about yourself that are of no relevance to the position, as this displays a clear lack of decorum and professionalism.

In all likelihood, an overworked recruiter isn’t going to give special attention to a drab resume that doesn’t stand out. With countless applicants applying for every available position, recruiters have every right to be picky about which CVs they place in the callback folder. Jobseekers looking for ways to make their resumes stand out would be wise to tweak their resumes every time they apply for a job, compose effective headers and remain on point.