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Weedtubers: Turning Habit into Profit

Posting a video on YouTube could earn you some serious cash. You could post on almost any topics, which when it gets viewed many times, can make you very rich. There is now an emergence of individuals called Weedtubers. The term refers to individuals who earn an income from filming their weed smoking sessions and posting them on YouTube. This has proven to be very lucrative for certain individuals.

Joel Hradecky’s fame has earned him the title of King of Weedtubers. He has garnered a huge following, of over 1.2 million people, in a very short period of just 4 years. On his YouTube channel, he has diverse videos posted covering the act of smoking weed. There is one where he attempts to smoke some THC oil, which received over 1.3 million views. His suffering as a result of his attempt was also posted online, where even more people tuned in to watch, over 2.5 million of them. It it seems people like to see how others are suffering.
His appeal is not limited to his display of pain or the entertainment value of his videos. There are people who actually seek his advice on the different weed smoking paraphernalia, and varieties of weed to use.

There is a more informative Weedtuber by the name Josh Young, whose YouTube channel is more educative. He knows more about weed, and likes to share this information on his channel. You will see him smoking weed many times a day, all the while inviting you to join him. He sometimes goes to the end and posts videos of him smoking the potent THC oil quickly, which always produces nasty reactions. He so far has 373,000 followers.

Coral Reefer is a lady Weedtuber, who has a live show on Sundays, where she interacts with her subscribers by responding to their queries on weed and its various aspects. She tries to shoe how weed is beneficial to those who smoke. Whenever there are cannabis functions; she will be there, ready to share the experience with her subscribers.

Jane Dro is also a female Weedtuber, whose channel has a more educative angle to marijuana issues. She will post videos of the weed growing process straight from her farm, to help her followers. She also gives information on the various weed types.

Soundrone is another Weedtuber who showcases smoking weed, and the accompanying munchies. His video reviews extend further than smoking weed. He shows what foods to eat when the munchies strike. You will see him smoking through the sessions. His entrepreneurial streak can be seen clearly through his work.

All these Weedtubers have managed to make this pastime lucrative. Their choice of material can spur you to do something amazing. You may have an idea that will catch our attention and retain out interest.