Why Sending Your Child To Preschool Is Important

Early childhood education is more than just sending your child to preschool to play all day. Kids actually benefit a lot from going to preschool. Many parents are surprised to find that these benefits last a lifetime. Here are some of the reasons why sending your child to preschool is important.

Academic Enrichment

We all want our children to grow academically. Whether it be learning their ABC’s or counting to 100, many kids learn these types of things at preschool. If you find a quality child care center west valley ut preschool, your child will learn quite a few new academic skills that just might surprise you. When choosing a school, make sure you find out what they are teaching the children and the type of curriculum they use.

Structured Setting

A lot of little ones crave structure. This is one of the reasons why sending them preschool can help tremendously with their behavior. Children will learn how to take turns, follow instructions and share with one another. This type of group setting provides a foundation for the rest of their life. You may even find that your child loves structure so much that they also crave it at home. If this is the case, your child’s preschool teacher may be able to give you some ideas as how to structure your child’s home schedule to one that’s similar to their day at preschool.

Critical Thinking

Throughout our lives we need to learn critical thinking skills. They allow us to really dissect things and to solve difficult problems. Preschool gives children the opportunity to practice these skills fairly frequently. It’s not uncommon for many early childhood educators to give children tasks each day that allow them to work on these skills. Critical thinking skills will prove to be beneficial as your child progresses through their schooling, through college and beyond.

Trust Building 

As great as it is to be with your child quite often, they also need some time away from you. They need to know that they can trust that when you drop them off some place, such as at a preschool, that you will be back to pick them up later in the day. Gaining this trust can make things easier when you need to drop them off at a relative’s house or with a babysitter. By sending your child to preschool they will gain the trust that they need to be okay with you leaving.

School Preparation

Once your child is finished with preschool they will move on to elementary school. By sending your child to preschool, you will prepare them for this transition. They will get used to being in a classroom setting and some of the routines that are followed. Learning all of these things at an early age will make the transition into elementary school go a lot smoother when the time comes.